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I am a user experience designer who is happiest when solving problems that can make a positive impact. The core of what I do stems from my passion of helping people and improving the world- both professionally and personally.

My curiosity and constant willingness to learn gives me the opportunity to collaborate and work with others in teams to pinpoint and better understand people's behaviors, intentions, and motivations. All of which I think is a good starting point to any design thinking - as it allows the creation of clear, thoughtful, and meaningful solutions.

Besides my love for UX design, if you get to know me you'll quickly find that I love eating ice cream at trendy parlors, swooning over good typography and checking out urban art murals & cool design installations.


I am currently designing fun, engaging, and effective digital experiences with the creative team at Vertic.




2018 Communicator Award - - Award of Distinction- Features Visual Appeal - Aesthetics

2018 Communicator Award - Award of Distinction - General Corporate Communications

2018 Communicator Award - ROCKWOOL - Award of Distinction - Features User Experience

2018 Communicator Award - ROCKWOOL Group - Award of Excellence - Features User Experience

2018 Internationalist Award - CSL - Innovative Digital Solution - Silver

2018 Internationalist Award - ROCKWOOL Group - Innovative Digital Solution - Silver