👋🏽 hi again!

my story.

I enjoy tackling complex, ambiguous problems and simplifying it to make a positive impact.

The core of what I do stems from my passion of helping people and improving the world- both professionally and personally.

My constant willingness to learn gives me the opportunity to collaborate and work with others in teams to pinpoint and better understand people's behaviors, intentions, and motivations to create clear, thoughtful, and meaningful solutions.

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my design values.
be dedicated.

I am passionate in everything I create. Having passion is what drives me to explore and be focused on any task.

be a continuous learner.

I consider myself to be a forever student. I like to be engaged and be challenged by new ideas. I love pushing the limits.

be helpful.

I've always wanted to be helpful and to serve the needs of others. I thrive on collaboration, I appreciate being able to see different perspectives.


2018 Featured Portfolio

2018 Communicator Awards
• CSL.com - Award of Distinction- Features Visual Appeal - Aesthetics
• CSL.com - Award of Distinction - General Corporate Communications

• ROCKWOOL - Award of Distinction - Features User Experience
• ROCKWOOL Group - Award of Excellence - Features User Experience

2018 Internationalist Awards
• CSL - Innovative Digital Solution - Silver
• ROCKWOOL Group - Innovative Digital Solution - Silver

A few of the amazing clients I've had the opportunity to collaborate with:

my interests.

If you get to know me, you'll quickly find that:

  • I'm obsessed with my Cavapoo puppy, Arlo
  • anything food-related will put an instant smile on my face
  • huge fan of Disney, Marvel, and Keanu Reeves
  • trying out different ice cream flavors. I love ice cream
  • checking out cool art murals and design installations
  • traveling, which sadly isn't ideal given the circumstances of 2020 and this year

I started documenting my travels in 2017 and have been showcasing my amateur kodak moments on Instagram.  Follow me @anna.deu or #thetravelingyellowjacket