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SAP Ariba Start the Future Campaign

about the project.

SAP Ariba's Start the Future Campaign is an integrated digital experience designed to drive new enquiries toward targeted accounts, generate accounts, and accelerate user adoption for key personas.


SAP Ariba



my role

UX Designer


With the newly redesigned SAP Ariba website, the Campaign's goal is to create an integrated digital experience that crosses multiple personas that will speak to how and what SAP Ariba can offer to them personally. By delivering transparent content to each persona, it will help gain user trust and understanding of the service.

My design responsibilities:

Worked with the client to align with the needs and objectives of the campaign. Collaborated with the internal teams to ensure delivery.

exploring the solution

I worked with the Strategy team and the client to understand the needs and concerns of the target audiences. There are 4 types of target audiences with sub-personas stemming from it:

  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • Finance
  • IT

The target personas are aware of SAP Ariba but they are not sure what it has to offer them personally for their day-to-day jobs. The personas are interested in seeing how SAP Ariba can help and what they can do to support them.

One of the big questions we had to answer was:

How can SAP Ariba amplify their careers and elevate the future of their profession?

user centricity

SAP Ariba has distinctive personas and each has their specific needs. We needed to map out the content correctly and feed it to each persona as they funnel down to the end resources. The objective is to lead the user to the "Nurture Program" and this is accomplished by providing an entry-point to the sub-persona pages on the campaign landing page and persona-type pages.

When the user ends on the sub-persona page, the content should help guide them to the Nurture Program- where specific resources and content are tailored to support them.


The important goal of this campaign is to feed tailored content to the specific key persona that would help ease their decision journey with the SAP Ariba services. We drilled down into every detail and iterated numerous times make sure every element is addressed with the utmost care.

final designs

Collaborated with the visual designers to ensure we follow the new SAP Ariba brand guidelines.


Senior Visual Designers: Dora Kontha & Kenji Tomita

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