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Redesigned APS' Customer Transactional Experience

about the project.

In early 2018, APS launched a Customer Experience Improvement initiative with the goal to improve overall customer service and encourage customers to self-service.


Arizona Public Service
Energy provider for more than 1.2 million retail and residential customers in the Arizona state.



my role

UX Designer


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project breakdown

While APS provides services for customers across the state of Arizona, research and surveys proved the website to be hurting the customer experience by making it difficult for users to complete key tasks, affecting customer satisfaction.

As part of the APS Customer Experience Improvement initiative, APS wanted to take this opportunity to improve ALL of their customer digital touch points.

This resulted in the project being broken down into three distinct tracks:

  1. APS Public website
  2. APS Transactional (Logged-in state)
  3. APS Mobile Application

My role

I was one of three UX designers on this project. I was heavily involved in two of the three tracks:

  • APS Transactional states for Customers & Agencies
  • APS mobile application

the challenge

Between February and March 2017, the APS’ new customer information system, Customer Care & Billing (CC&B), went live. The new system made a huge negative impact on customer satisfaction and the volume of calls received in the Customer Call Center.

Our interviews with the different users and stakeholders exposed the need for content to be easily findable, regardless of what type of customer you are.

Customers revealed they need the following to improve overall website satisfaction:

  1. Easy navigation
  2. Provide better transactional processes and responses to user actions
  3. Better log-in process for residential & business customers
  4. Provide better usage data in real-time
  5. Provide clear billing information
  6. Improve notifications to raise account awareness
  7. Efficient management of multiple accounts

the solution

Redefine the navigation and optimize the customer dashboard to create an experience that support the customer in completing self-service tasks such as Pay bill or Enroll into payment programs.

In addition, it is crucial that all action feedback possibilities is considered to give peace of mind to the user when it comes to their bill.

Information architecture & navigation

Navigation issues identified during customer interviews:

  • Difficult to read
  • Lack of organization of topics
  • Numerous navigation types
  • Lack of account notifications
  • Customers with multiple accounts, it was difficult to switch

With the issues identified during the customer interviews and usability testing, the solution for the redesigned navigation need to address the following questions:

"How can we create a consistent navigation system for residential and business customers?"
"How is information different on the public website versus logged in?"

As we define the new information architecture of the entire APS website, we must account for:

  • Streamlining the navigation based on user group and needs
  • Categorize topics and use terminology that is clear and concise
  • Navigation needs a consistent system while giving the user control


One of the features of the APS website is the account dashboard when the customer logs into their online account. The dashboard should anticipate customer needs by providing valuable bill information and assist them into self-service.

The redesigned dashboard is strategically divided in 2 sections of information:

  1. Current bill information
  2. Cost analysis

The dashboard need to show the customer the following current bill information:

  • How much is the bill?
  • When is the bill due?
  • When was the last bill payment?
  • Are there any scheduled payments?


This entire project was slated to be launched in March 2019. However, it has been delayed to Fall 2019 to ensure SiteCore and CC&B system success.

Since Vertic’s contract ended in November of 2018, we entered another Design Support contract in December of 2018 and ended in July 2019.

  • This Design Support retainer was for the Design Team to continue to collaborate with Infosys to fix any user experience and design bugs.


I worked closely with system engineers and the following designers:

UX Director: Stacey Wu Eggimann

UX Designer: Fiona Baudner

Visual Designers: Conrado Colnaghi, Kenji Tomita, & Ben Nusbaum

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