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Redesigned ROCKWOOL Group's brand sites

about the project.

The goal is to bring ROCKWOOL Group's expertise, vision, and impact to its customers with new brand websites that will support their needs.


ROCKWOOL Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation.



my role

UX Designer


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ROCKWOOL offers a full range of high-performing and sustainable products for the construction industry, which includes building insulation, wall and facade systems, acoustic ceilings, horticultural substrate solutions, and more. With the variety of products, ROCKWOOL Group has a total of 5 brands:

  2. Rockfon
  3. Lapinus
  4. RockPanel
  5. Grodan

The opportunity is to redefine the customer engagement to support ROCKWOOL Group's  growth and business by redesigning the digital ecosystem.

This will be powered by machine learning to drive business impact and to unify all of ROCKWOOL Group's brands.

My Role

Worked across global teams to align on strategy, design, and branding of ROCKWOOL Group's brand products: Rockfon, ROCKWOOL. I collaborated closely within the UX team to ensure our design decisions meet the needs of our users. In addition, I was responsible for the following features:

  • Product Documentation Library and download flow
  • Product Comparison Tool and the user flow
  • FAQ
  • Product table system

the challenge

With ROCKWOOL Group having 5 brands, not only was there little connection between brands, there are a myriad of products that come with an abundance of documentation and technical information that makes it difficult for existing and potential customers to find.

The goal

The goal of our redesign was to increase customer focus by supporting their journey and drive engagement.  Additionally, we wanted to provide a more fluid experience for customers to find product information . We expected our improvements to create seamless branding across all ROCKWOOL Group's brands and generate new interest for potential customers.

Product comparison tool

Part of my work was to optimize product information findability. One of the tools that was introduced was the product comparison tool . Users can select up to 3 products to compare attributes.

The key goal of this tool is to support user control and scannability. I designated columns for products and rows for attributes- it allows for quick and easy comparison. In addition, the product rows at the top are sticky at the top to remind users what the selected products are as they scroll vertically to compare product attributes.

Product documentation library

With the extensive ROCKWOOL and Rockfon products, there are many technical documentation that accompanies each product. To organize this documentation, a library was designed to house all product content:

  • Safety instructions
  • Brochures
  • Technical Data Sheets
  • Specifications
  • Technical Guides
  • Case Studies
  • Technical Bulletins

Table systems

Each product has extensive specifications that required to be organized and displayed in a way that is easily digestible for the customer.

Variations of tables were designed to showcase product information. Accordions were used to show high-level information to user when collapsed. Users can expand the accordion to find more detailed information.

Specific call-to-actions were strategically placed within the tables direct users to various product calculators and tools.

FAQ section

Because of the wealth of information on the brand websites, there was a need for a designated section for customers to access before contacting Customer Support.

The FAQ section was designed to house the various categories of topics that customers sought for. The questions are placed in an accordion format, where the frequently asked questions are revealed to the user and they can choose to expand the accordion to read the answer.

If the user is not satisfied with the answers, two other contact options- Chatbot and direct contact information- are available below the FAQ section.

Launched designs

Worked in collaboration with visual designers in the New York and Copenhagen offices to ensure that UI and functionalities meet the needs of users.


The redesign of ROCKWOOL Group's brand sites have demonstrated positive impact of the company's growth and business.


UX Lead: Stacey Wu Eggimann

UX Designer: Fiona Baudner

Senior Visual Designers: Janne Pajulahti, Octavio Longatti, Bertil Abildgaard

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