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SAP Ariba Brand Toolkit

about the project.

With the new launch of the redesigned SAP Ariba website, the design team at Vertic partnered with the brand again to design a platform to house all SAP Ariba assets that will support internal sales and marketing employees.


SAP Ariba



my role

Lead UX Designer


The SAP Ariba Brand Tool is a platform that allows internal stakeholders to access SAP Ariba brand guidelines and marketing templates to help them create a consistent brand experience and messaging.

I was tasked to create:

  • a landing page with log-in functionality
  • template-based pages that will support all marketing templates and guidelines
  • a visual assets section with sort, filter, multiple-download capabilities

user needs

Understanding who the users are is a crucial step before jumping into any design ideation. I needed to learn what their behaviors are and what needs they have when they use the new Brand Tool platform.

With the three personas, I can explore ideas for what the platform will need and how the Brand Tool platform will scale for the future.

  • Prominent search functionality: for the users to easily search for any asset they need
  • Clear asset categorization: there will be a good amount of different types of assets that will need to be organized into clear categories
  • Visual assets need to be tagged in order to be filtered and sorted

In order to access the brand central, all personas are required to enter login information. I explored what the log-in states would look like and what prompts and content to push to each of the personas as they log in.

information architecture

Because we are building a new brand central, I needed to see all the assets and sort them into categories for navigation. The new sitemap shows the three main categories of content and have been incorporated into the global navigation:

  1. Brand elements: Any guidelines or templates that pertain to the SAP Ariba brand that a customer or sales user can utilize
  2. Visuals: This section will house all image, video, graphic assets with download capabilities
  3. Corporate Content: Any material for corporate presentation or documents can be found here

visual Library

This section of the website holds all visual assets that belong to the SAP Ariba brand. Visual assets include:

  • images
  • videos
  • pictograms/graphic icons

Because of the increasing number of visual assets, the section needed to include the ability to filter, sort, and search for visuals. Another main functionality that is helpful to the user is the capability to selected multiple assets for download.

Below is the user decision flow for downloading assets within the Visual Library:


The majority of the UX Design phase was focused on the Visual Library section of the website due to its complex functionality.

This section is where most of the user traffic will be- therefore, many iterations were made to ensure that interaction flows are seamless for the different personas.

final designs

Collaborated with Senior Visual Designer, Octavio Longatti, to carry out the SAP Ariba brand throughout the Brand Tools website.

All user interaction design focused on the needs of the personas.

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