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CSL & CSL Behring

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Demonstrate CSL & CSL Behring's 100 years of expertise with a refreshed website that allows easy access to their innovative advancements.


CSL & CSL Behring
A globally known biotherapeutics company



my role

Lead UX Designer


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CSL is a leader driven by its promise of saving lives and protecting the health of people. To reflect this commitment of serving patients and innovative advancements, they needed a website redesign that would continue to set themselves apart and push their brand into the future.

What I did

Worked across teams to make sure the CSL brand essence  shines through to connect with patients and users. I led the UX design with informed decisions from user research, content strategy, and user testings.

understanding the intent

I worked with the Strategy team to understand and deploy the digital strategies for CSL and CSL Behring.


The CSL brand focuses on conveying the brand promise and features content that shows how the promise is delivered. As the main website, it will act as a gateway to product sub-sites such as CSL Behring and Seqirus. will:

  • "Deliver Our Promise"
  • Be a trusted source of relevant content for personas
  • Provide updated information on product pipeline and R&D
  • Attract potential talent

CSL Behring

CSL Behring serves as the natural step from, providing more specific disease and treatment information for health-care professionals and patients. It provides:

  • information on treatments within each therapeutic area
  • functions as a gateway to brand and product specific sites
  • patient support programs

user-centric content

The new CSL and CSL Behring websites have 5 distinct personas. Extensive user research and interviews helped define what content type will address each persona needs.

One of the main ultimate goals of the redesigned websites is to steer away from dry, technical content BUT to demonstrate warmth and supportiveness from the CSL brand. To accomplish this, we took a storytelling approach by introducing stories and quotes to connect with personas such as the Career Seekers, Patients, and Healthcare Professionals.

modular design system

In order to manage the breadth of content types, I created a modular design system that became the foundation of the websites and a means to streamline the collaborative process.

The modularity of the design was a tremendous help in various areas of the project:

  • content planning
  • responsive views
  • increasing communication across teams and client
  • design handoff


Creating an intuitive user experience was a priority. It was important that the different content fed to each persona would help and support the user journey. We drilled down into every detail, iterating, and testing interactive prototypes with users and teammates to understand behavioral patterns, user flows, and common questions.

final designs

Collaborated with Design Director, Conrado Colnaghi Silva, to nail down the CSL brand essence throughout the websites.

We dedicated time and effort in designing each modular component and its associated user interaction to ensure easy usability.


Since its launch in January 2018, the redesigned CSL and CSL Behring websites have demonstrated a higher engagement with new visitors.

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