Collaborated across global teams to bring ROCKWOOL's expertise, vision, and impact to its customers with a new website that will support their needs. 




ROCKWOOL is the world’s leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation. The brand offers a full range of high-performing and sustainable insulation products for the construction industry. 

The opportunity is to redefine its customer engagement model by utilizing its digital ecosystem, powered by intelligent search utilizing AI and machine learning to drive business impact.


  • UX Designer

Worked across global teams to align on strategy, design, and branding of products: Rockfon, Rockwool. I collaborated closely within the UX team to ensure our design decisions meet the needs of our users. In addition, I was responsible for optimizing the following areas:

  • Product Documentation Library and download flow
  • Product Comparison Tool and the user flow
  • FAQ
  • Product table system

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RW monitor.png


Product Comparison Tool



Artboard Copy.png

Product Documentation Library






FAQ section





Table systems





Launched designs


It took months of collaborative effort between the UX designers and visual designers across the Copenhagen and NYC offices to bring the ROCKWOOL brand sites to life.  





UX Lead: Stacey Wu

UX Designers: Fiona Baudner, Anna Deu

Senior Visual Designers: Janne Pajulahti, Octavio Longatti, Bertil Abildgaard


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